There is a 3000 square-foot "storage" building on site. It serves both as Fred's personal repair shop and as boat storage during the winter months. Space is limited, so boat storage is provided on an as-capacity-allows basis. The building is non-heated.


Winterization services are not typically offered as a service on site, but are provided on a limited basis.


For inquires, contact Fred at (616) 402-9676.




Private restrooms (marina guests only) are on the property, about 50 feet from the boat docks.


There are two unisex bathrooms, each with its own shower, that are accessible with a combination code that is provided to all marina guests. These rooms were recently upgraded with sun tunnels for better lighting as well as a fresh coat of paint.


Coastal Zone Marina takes pride in maintaining very clean restrooms. We ask that all guests respect this and help maintain the cleanliness of this space.


We are Fred and Hyon Reid. We are the owners of Coastal Zone Marina and live in a house right on the Marina property.


We have been married for over 45 years and have been residents of Grand Haven for over 40 years.


Since purchasing the Marina in 1999, we've put a lot of work into the property, including renovating the house, repairing the seawall, renovating the docks, and paving the parking lot.


We respect the beauty and nature in the surrounding area and hope our guests will too.


Welcome to Coastal Zone Marina. We hope to see you soon!




Q: How much does is cost for a boat slip?

A: Typically $1700 - $2000 for the entire boating season. This can vary depending on the size of your boat, so please call to inquire.

Q: Do you provide winterization services?

A: No, we don't offer winterization as part of our business, but we do it sometimes for marina guests in need as a favor.


Q: Do you have slips available? And will my boat fit in the slips?

A: Please visit our boat slips page to see our slip availability and to see more information about the slips.


Q: Do you have in and out service at the Marina?

A: No, but there is a public boat launch at East Grand River Park which is less than a quarter mile away by water, less than a half mile by car.


Q: Are there gas pumps at the marina?

A: No, the nearest place to get gasoline is at Grand Isle Marina, about a half mile away by boat, on your way towards Lake Michigan.


Q: Do you offer pump out service for sewage?

A: No, the nearest place that offers pump out service is Grand Isle Marina.


Q: Where exactly are you located?

A: In Grand Haven, on the Grand River, about 3 miles from Lake Michigan by boat. For our address and an interactive map, visit our contact page.